This is a collection of Yoga Nidras that I have recorded during my weekly Yin&Nidra classes. These teachings come directly from my heart to yours and I offer them freely so you can come into deep rest wherever you are. Most of them are in Swiss German, there are a few in English down below. I update them regularly. Enjoy! 


Swiss German


Heart Essence Activation

Goddess Yoga Nidra

Prana Shakti

Yoga Nidra

Advanced Chakra Activation 

Gentle Boundaries

Free Yoga Nidra

Soft Heart

Deep Healing 


The Home Within 


Free Yoga Nidra


Winter Nidra Wasser

Medicine Buddha

Healing Intentions 


Santosha – Zufriedenheit

Yoga Nidra Santosha


Prana Healing

Prana Healing


Waves of OM

Free Yoga Nidra


Transcending Dualities

Gegensätze Yoga Nidra


Ocean and Wave

Nidra Ocean and Wave


Working with Opposites


Connecting to Earth

Earth Nidra


Welcoming Autumn


Heart Nidra

Free Yoga Nidra


Web of Light

Free Yoga Nidra


Lotus Flower

Samana Vayu 

Pflanzen Nidra


Reiki Light Breathing Meditation 

Full Moon Clear Light Yoga Nidra

Free Yoga Nidra

Cave of the Heart


Clear Light Yoga Nidra

Free Yoga Nidra