300H Yoga Teacher Training 

Somatic Tantra Teacher Training in Bali

05. – 30.01.2025 in Bumi Cinta, Bali 
This Classical Tantra Training initiates somatic awareness, manifesting as a choice for empowerment, responsibility, and a step towards alleviating suffering. The course structure underscores experiential and embodiment learning, self-reflection, and transformative practices, facilitating personal empowerment and a deepened understanding of Alignment through practice, motivation, and philosophy.
“Where do you begin? With the practice of Dana, or giving…. Your greatest gift is interest, it increases the depth of your involvement and energy. Learn to give your interest consciously to what is occuring.” – Namgyal Rinpoche.

Embarking on this 300-hour yoga teacher training marks the beginning of a profound journey that blends the refinement of personal yoga practices, such as asana, somatic technique, meditation, and pranayama, with a deep dive into the ancient wisdom of tantric knowledge rooted in classical Hatha Yoga, Tantra, and Buddhism. This course is meticulously crafted as a harmonious weaving of time-honored traditions, culminating in a magnificent mandala of living profound compassion and inner wisdom. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to absorb these rich teachings and fully integrate and embody them, leading to a transformation that permeates every aspect of their lives. This training is a gateway to the true essence of yoga, inviting a journey of personal and spiritual enlightenment.
«The Tantrik tradition offers us an option that makes the whole spiritual path gel into coherence: the gentle effort of leaning into a loving awareness of what is. This means using the power of the will, gently but persistently, to open into nonjudgmental intimacy with whatever is happening in this moment.» Christopher Wallis Christopher, «The Recognition Sutras»


This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a transformative 25-day journey, weaving together the profound wisdom of Vajrayana non-dualism, Hatha Yoga, Classical Tantra with Goddess worship, and elements of (neo-)shamanism. This unique program creates a harmonious dialogue between classical Hatha Yoga and the rich traditions of Tantra and Buddhism. Through this philosophical exploration, you’ll dive deeply into asana practice, meditation, and pranayama, experiencing them as integrated, holistic, and somatic disciplines. Throughout this immersive month, you’ll elevate your teaching abilities and personal practice and gain insights into embodying and aligning your practice for a transformative impact on life and spirit. This training is more than skill enhancement; it’s an invitation to forge a deeper, more profound connection with the sacred journey of yoga, nurturing your body and spirit and embracing the transformative power of this ancient discipline.
Led by Krystalyn and Flavia, this 300-hour yoga teacher training will guide each individual through a process of self-transformation, healing, deep embodiment, and personal growth, working with the framework of classical Hatha Yoga, Buddhism, and Tantra philosophies. To support the philosophical approach in this training, you will expand your understanding of safe and effective teaching by learning more about the energetics in asana and assisting and how prana and bandhas work to fortify one’s practice. In addition, this training offers an introduction to teaching restorative yoga and yoga nidra, the sacred “yogic sleep”. Furthermore, the yogic context will be expanded, incorporating the wisdom teachings from (neo-)shamanism, bringing in the sacred wisdom of the elements, the sacred art of ceremony, and chanting.



~ $ 3100 – Pay in Full (cannot be combined with scholarships or other promotions/discounts)
~ $ 3300 – Payment Plan
Rooming is very limited
~ $ 1800 – Bamboo Double Hut
~ $ 2100 – Bamboo Double Bungalow
~ $ 2520 – Bamboo hut Private
~ $ 3120 – Bamboo Bungalow Private
+All inclusive 24 nights lodging and meals. All prices are in USD.
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