Rest and Expand (E)

50 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher

Training & Retreat

with School Yoga Institute

50H Yoga Nidra

Dates for 2025 coming soon

Join me for this unique seven-day Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in the beautiful forests of mainland Greece. During these seven days, you will fully immerse yourself and learn about the meditation technique of Yoga Nidra.
During this 50-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, you will learn the basic teachings of the practice, explore different styles and study sacred texts. In addition to learning about various traditional Yoga Nidra techniques such as the Himalayan Masters or Bihar School, you will be introduced to other styles such as IAM Yoga Nidra, iRest, Clear Light (Michele Loew), as well as how the traditional shamanic journey can be applied to a Yoga Nidra practice.
During Yoga Nidra, which is often referred to as “sacred yogic sleep», your body is laying down while your consciousness begins to explore new states of expansion and awareness. Experiencing the teaching of this ancient practice opens the heart and mind to understanding the vastness of consciousness in new dimensions.
You will closely work with a Sankalpa (a spiritual intention) that will evolve and transform in the process of the time shared together. You will also learn about the science behind Yoga Nidra, the influence of the Koshas (5 bodies) on the practice, and the benefits that Yoga Nidra has on overall health, the nervous system, and sleeping patterns.

In accordance with School Yoga Institute’s focus on combining Shamanism and Yoga, you will receive an introduction to the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, the Shamanic Journey, and how these teachings can add to your Yoga Nidra practice in general. Together we will move through the four stages of the medicine wheel and the 5 koshas: the body, the mind and emotions, the heart, and the essence of your spirit.
This training is not only about learning a new meditation technique, it is also an exploration and expansion of your inborn potential — it calls you into being truly yourself while stepping into your unique light. You will leave the training with five unique sample Yoga Nidra scripts as well as one written by yourself in the process.
This training is offered to certified 200-hour yoga teachers that want to explore and expand both their teaching and their personal practice. If you are interested in this program but are not a registered Yoga teacher and/or do not require certification you can still participate and use this time to gain new insights into practice as ancient as life itself.




• Two daily Yoga Nidra practices
• Morning asana, meditation and pranayama practice
• History of Yoga Nidra
• Theory: Neuroscience and Health
• Sankalpa – Intention setting
• Days off: Beach and Waterfall Hike
• Shadow Work and Yoga of Bliss
• Introduction to different styles of Yoga Nidra (IAM, iRest, Bihar, Himalayan, Clear Light)
• Introduction to Ancient Scripture
• Introduction to the Peruvian Medicine Wheel
• Developing a Home Practice
• Cacao Ceremony
• Evening Satsangs
• Teaching Yoga Nidra: Finding your Unique Light
• Combining Yoga Nidra with Yin, Meditation, Slow Flow, and Pranayama
• Developing a Home Practice
• Nada Yoga
• Introduction to the Shamanic Journey


6:30 AM: Morning Practice: Meditation/Asana/Nidra
8:30 AM: Breakfast
10:00 AM: Theory: History/Science/Dharma
1:00 PM: Lunch and Self Sadhana
3:00 PM: Medicine Wheel & Exercises
4:30 PM: Lecture: Teaching Modality/Philosophy
5:30 PM: Evening Practice: Pranayama/Nidra
6:30 PM: Dinner
7:30 PM: Satsang


The below prices include a 6-night stay, tuition, course certificate, manual, rooming, and locally sourced meals.
Private House with view over the valley: $2050
Private Rooms in separate house: $1850
Shared Room in House: $1550
Private Tent: $1700
Shared Rooms in Tent: $1400



The Home of Silence Yoga and Meditation Lodge in Greece is a place full of magic embedded in the beauty of nature. The lodge is located in the midst of a forest on a plateau at 600 meters above sea level, near Kyparissia in the Peloponnese.
A place where you can still see the night sky with its millions of stars and hear the sounds of nature. A place which allows you to concentrate on yourself, to dive deep into your being until you find your true self. By doing this you will recognize what you have always been: complete, without beginning or end, without time and space. Only in yourself can you find the things which last eternally!



The first contact that Flavia had with Yoga Nidra was during her 300hr teacher training in Peru, and she was amazed at the wonders it did to help her with her chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety. Yoga Nidra has played a huge part in Flavia’s life ever since and assisted her in manifesting her heart’s deepest desires with the help of conscious intention setting (Sankalpa).
This daily practice has not only helped Flavia in becoming clearer on her Yogic path but also opened up new pathways of becoming a more intentional Reiki healer and ceremonial guide. Flavia has studied in the lineages of Bihar, IAM, iRest, as well as the Vajrayana Buddhism influenced Clear Light Yoga Nidra with Michele Loew.
In the last years, Flavia has developed her own practice, a combination of Yoga Nidra with the classical shamanic journey that she is sharing in this training. For Flavia, the practice of Yoga Nidra is a limitless tool that creates a bridge between the known and the unknown.