Shamanic Reiki

In my approach to holistic energy healing, I combine my knowledge about Reiki, shamanic practices, and crystal therapy. My offering is a unique combination of healing modalities which help you to come into your innate power!

Traditional Reiki

Reiki Baum
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method that gently balances your energy body. Reiki energy works very gently and yet profoundly supports the whole body-mind-spirit system. During a Reiki session, the energetic body is brought into balance through light touch on the body or in one’s energy field. Many issues that manifest on the physical, mental, and emotional levels can come into alignment on the energetic level with Reiki. Examples are stomach problems, chronic inflammation, back pain, colds, high stress, depression, anger, or grief.
During a Reiki session, physical sensations, images, colors, feelings, intuitive insights, or sounds may arise. These messages help identify where and how disbalances have accumulated in the energetic body and manifested in the physical. Each session is unique and tailored to your needs and can be assisted by working with crystals, sound healing, card readings, pranayama, and meditation.

Shamanic Reiki

In this offering, I combine the shamanic wisdom of interconnectedness, the elements, spirit beings, and past lives with the gentle and loving care of Reiki energy healing. This combination is very potent – it not only brings the energetic body into balance but allows one to access one’s innate power and the ability to bring long-lasting change through self-realization.
Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs. I will work alongside you as a guide to help you find inner peace and harmony by facilitating an impactful transformation on all levels of being. A session can comprise the following:
⦿ Shamanic drum Journey
⦿ Sound work and voice activation
⦿ Finding your power animal
⦿ Soul (part) retrieval
⦿ Soul communication
⦿ Working with the elements
⦿ Plant or animal communication
⦿ Past life healing and regression
⦿ Dissolving energy blockages and intrusions
⦿ Cleansing rituals

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are wonderful companions when working with the energy body. Because of their perfect crystalline structure, crystals not only have the ability to store and clear energy,  but also to focus and amplify it. In this way, (self-)healing processes can be put in place with more focus and clarity. I use different crystal therapy modes, which I would be happy to discuss with you!
In combination with Reiki and shamanic healing, crystals can often tremendously accelerate and help with the self-healing process, as well as clearing very effectively and fast.

1:1 Sessions

Individual Bookings (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
The Heart Collective, Lessingstrasse 13, 8002 Zürich
Booking via Mail
Wednesdays (from 11.10.23 onwards)
Be:Life in Hottingen
Booking (“select appointment type”)


Reiki (1 – 1.5 H) = 175.-
Schamanisches Reiki (1.5 – 2H)  = 250.-
Scaling prices available


6x Reiki (1 – 1.5 H) = 945.-
6x Shamanic Reiki (1.5 – 2H) = 1350.-
6x Shamanic Reiki & Reiki (mixed) = 1150.-


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