Shamanic Reiki

In my approach to holistic energy healing, I combine my knowledge about Reiki, shamanic practices, and crystal therapy. My offering is a unique combination of healing modalities which help you to come into your innate power!


Reiki Baum
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that brings your energy body back into balance in a very gentle way. Reiki supports you in creating a more harmonious life and in dedicating yourself more clearly to your life’s purpose. Through this healing modality, deep and unconscious energies can surface from their root, and you can start letting them go by transforming them into something useful to your life.
Many issues that manifest themselves on a physical level can thereby be alleviated. Such as, for example, digestive disorders, infections and inflammations, chronic pain, immune disorders, migraines, and more. In addition, Reiki energy supports all other medical therapies or healing modalities and enhances your inherent self-healing powers. Not only does Reiki prevent, help and alleviate disorders on the physical level, it brings the emotional, mental and spiritual layers into harmony as well, making it a holistic healing modality.
During a Reiki session, it is possible that you or/and I see or feel emotions, images, colours, voices and feel warmth or coldness. These informations are messages that help locating possible blockages in the chakra system or other levels of the Self. Each session is, depending on the themes you bring into the session, unique. In the course of the session, I will add different shamanic practices and crystal therapy to enhance the efficiency of this powerful healing force. I’m honouring your process and will discuss the experience with you, so that it can be integrated in your Self 🙏

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is based on three principles of life: One – we are all connected and related to each other, as we have the same Mother – Earth. This means, that we are all in a relationship with each other. Two – we are all spiritual beings, which means that each stone, each element, each plant has a soul with a unique life purpose and talent. Three – every experience and encounter gives us the possibility for growth and learning.
Based on these and other principles of many wisdom traditions, the shamanic healing session will take you into the depths of your individual soul in search for your own power and life purpose. Some of the healing methods that can be used are the following:
⦿ Drum Journey
⦿ Finding your power animal
⦿ Soul (part) retrieval
⦿ Working with the elements
⦿ Plant or animal communication
⦿ Past life healing and regression
⦿ Releasing blocked energies
⦿ Cleansing rituals

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are wonderful companions when working with the energy body. Because of their perfect crystalline structure, crystals not only have the ability to store and clear energy,  but also to focus and amplify it. In this way, (self-)healing processes can be put in place with more focus and clarity. I use different crystal therapy modes, which I would be happy to discuss with you!
In combination with Reiki and shamanic healing, crystals can often tremendously accelerate and help with the self-healing process, as well as clearing very effectively and fast.


Where: Mind In Studio, Zürich
60min = 150.-
Distance Reiki 60min = 100.- / 30min = 70.-
Special offer: 3 for 2 distance healing session à 30min each = 140.-
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Holy Fire Reiki I (1.5 day) = 600.-
Holy Fire Reiki II (1.5 day) = 600.-
Holy Fire Reiki III (3 days) = 1000.-
Shamanic Reiki – after Reiki II from all school (4 days) = 1250.-
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