Cacao Ceremonies for the heart in Zurich

During a cacao ceremony, we come together in a circle to share our intentions for opening and deepening our connection to the heart. In this heart space, we sing, we dance, we laugh and cry together. These ceremonies are a beautiful, and heart-warming process of healing, which is shared in an open and safe space together with a group, your friends or family. After drinking the cacao you will be guided into mantras and medicine songs, partner meditations, breath exercises, movement, Yoga Nidra, or shamanic journeys. There will also be room for silence to follow your heart’s song and medicine, depending on the intention of the ceremonial setting.



“We are, all of us, dreamed into being. For the Earth lives in a dream.” (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

During a cacao ceremony you can expect

⦿ A journey of opening, union, love and joy with yourself and your surroundings
⦿ Experiencing a sangha (sacred community)
⦿ A healing experience with a sacred plant
⦿ A release of blockages and identification of behaviour patterns
⦿ A connection to your higher Self to find your unique inner strength and wisdom
⦿ A shamanic and spiritual journey
⦿ A sacred space for meditation in order to connect to your inner wisdom and truth
⦿ A balance between the masculine and feminine
⦿ Enhancement of your creative power and mental clarity


Further information on cacao ceremonies

⦿ Cacao is not recommended for pregnant women, when taking antidepressants or with high blood pressure. If you still would like to join a ceremony, please reach out to me in advance and I will offer you a homeopathic dosage or cacao peel tea as an alternative.  ❤️
⦿ For a more intense experience, I recommend to abstain from alcohol and coffee (at least the night/morning before the ceremony)
⦿ For a more intense experience, I recommend fasting before the ceremony, or a light breakfast/lunch.


What is ceremonial cacao and how does it effect the physical body?

Ceremonial cacao is a raw paste made into a warm and spiced drink to consume in a ceremony. On the contrary to the hot chocolate that we know, this drink is not been industrially heated and processes, leaving it with its natural fat content and other ingredients. It is usually prepared with water and spices such as cinnamon, chilly, cardamon, vanilla, rosemary, nutmeg and other healing spices. This form of cacao has been used for millennia to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body by the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas of South and Central America. This is a natural and gentle plant medicine high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cacao increases blood circulation and the release of endorphins (happy hormones). In addition, it is said to boost the immune system and to reduce cholesterol.
One of the ingredients that one is feeling the most during a ceremony is THEOBROMINE, “theobroma” comes from Greek and translates into “the food of the gods”. This alkaloid, which is similar to caffeine, is a substance that facilitates the reales of dopamine, another happy hormone. Due to theobromine, while drinking a ceremonial dosage of cacao the blood flow is increased up to 30-40%. This, in turn, opens the blood capillaries which results in a feeling of heightened openness and elation. Moreover, cacao helps with concentration and stress-reduction. During a ceremony, it is possible that one feels slightly agitated, sweats slightly more and experiences a headache. This is why it is important to stay hydrated during a ceremony.


How does cacao affect the mental and emotional states?

Cacao is used to start the process of recognising thought and behaviour patterns that are no longer needed. In the safe space of the ceremony, these patterns (or samskaras) can be addresses and released to bring about a more peaceful perspective on your current life situation. Because theobromine is a substance similar to caffeine, it can boost the energy level and help in focusing more clearly in order to strengthen your memory and creativity. Moreover, with this heightened focus, one can enter into a meditative space more easily and help connect to higher spheres and beings more directly. Ceremonial cacao can also facilitate in bringing about changes into your lives. By setting conscious intentions, the medicine of cacao can help you find the awareness and wisdom needed for inner transformation.
On an emotional level, ceremonial cacao can induce a feeling of elation. Everything feels more clear and the feeling of empathy for oneself and other beings increases. This feeling of love, especially towards yourself, can feel like a flower bud opening. It is possible that you receive insights in deep and hidden emotions that your heart has not been showing to you so far. Some of them can also feel painful. The cacao medicine supports this process and teaches you how to deal with and integrate these emotions, in order for you to infuse them with gratitude as well.


Where does the cacao ceremony come from?

It is assumed that cacao has been already used for ceremonial purposes over 4000 years ago by the Olmecs of Central America. In later centuries, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas have also been working with the cacao bean in various settings. Because cacao has been regarded as a plant of the gods, many royal families are said to have been using it for their special ceremonies and rituals. Cacao ceremonies are still used by many shamanic traditions and native communities, especially in South and Central America, in order to bring healing into the community. A cacao ceremony usually has the function to bring about harmony into a situation or a community, especially to bridge the divide between the natural and the human world. Cacao is not hallucinogen, on the contrary, the medicine touches the heart very gently and guides you on an inner journey to the emotional center of your body.


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