Mystical Yoga Teacher Training

This is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga teacher certification program offered through School Yoga Institute. Since 2020, I am part of the facilitator team and co-facilitate 200H teacher programs twice a year in a 21-days immersion in stunning places abroad. 

Dates 2023

1. – 21. April in Guatemala 

2. – 22. September in Peru


For almost twenty years, School Yoga Institute has been guiding students on their process of becoming teachers, healers and strong individuals who want to bring positive change into their community. School Yoga Institute is a spiritually based organisation based on the principles of love, radical acceptance, personal growth and deep connection. 
This program is a full 21-day immersion that takes place in stunning places all around the world. The basis of this 200H Yoga teacher training is a foundational merging of Yoga philosophy and the wisdom traditions of Shamanism – a combination that makes this training unique!
In this 200H certification, the student is invited to embark on a spiritual journey. This journey is facilitated through the Andean Medicine Wheel, a four-part process of self-discovery and self-healing. Therefore, this program is much more than a simple teacher training – it is an honest invitation of the inner teacher to shine through each student. Surrounded by sacred mountains, purifying waters and stunning nature, and together with like-minded people, internationally renowned teachers will guide you through a life-transforming process.  
During these 21 days you will experience: 
⦿ daily Yoga practice
⦿ Introduction to Andean Shamanism
⦿ Theory on Asana, Pranayama and Meditation
⦿ Yoga philosophy
⦿ Introduction to Ayurveda
⦿ Anatomy Lessons
⦿ Asana Lab
⦿ Spiritual lessons
⦿ Healing Circles and Nada Yoga
⦿ Cacao ceremonies
⦿ Self-transformation
⦿ Finding your unique teaching style
⦿ Beautiful and healing nature 
⦿ Community life in a wonderful Sangha
⦿ vegetarian/vegan food
⦿ and much more
You can find out more about this unique training HERE

Reiki Healing

I am always available if you have more questions around this 200H training and would love to have you in one of my classes!